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Brahminism in Thai Buddhist Culture

Posted by Spencer Littlewood

Brahminism is inextricably intertwined with the Buddhist Faith in Thailand; although Brahminism and Hinduism are so closely connected, they have 2 completely obverse viewpoints.
The Hinduistic Viewpoint is that of "Atta" (ann immutable transmigrating self), and Buddhism that of "Anatta" (no-Self). In actual fact, Buddhism does not recommend or profess either of these views, rather the idea that only when one has disattached oneself from any particular viewpoint - be it that of Atta or Anatta, will one be able to Enlighten oneself and see things for the way they really are (Wicha).
Whatever the arguments, Brahminism and Brahmin Ceremonial tradition is deeply ingrained in Thailand's Buddhist Culture - Even the Royal Ceremonies are always performed by the 7 last remaining Brahmin priests of the Official Thai Brahmin order.

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